For over a hundred years now, an unexplainable event has been taking place in SW Missouri. A strange, seemingly harmless "light" has been sharing the pastures and roadsides with local residents. The light seems to be harmless, but maybe a bit mischievous, playful, and perhaps even curious about us. I myself have witnessed it on more than a few occasions back when I was a teenager. It never failed to appear for us, but never played any of it's more spectacular tricks on us as documented by many. We did take a telescope one time and found that we could see it split into 2 and sometimes 3 revolving smaller lights entertwined with another. Call it what you want, but if the Army Corps of Engineers couldn't figure it out, I doubt that I can explain it. I remember that on our first visit we encountered a small "chicken coop" looking building named "Spooklight Museum". We went in and bought a pop and read the newspaper articles on the wall concerning the phenomenon. The somewhat haggard man tending the place pointed out a few of the articles on the wall and personally confirmed that he had seen it venture as far up the road as the museum. The locals playing pool all agreed and gave us similar accounts of their experiences.    Encounters range from the kind we had, (seeing it on the horizon) to full blown stories of it coming up to cars, sitting on the hood, passing through the car, changing colors and shapes, splitting up, getting small and sitting on a branch of a tree, and sometimes disappearing only to be right behind you when you turn around! I haven't visited "SpookLight" for many, many years now but from what I hear it is still hanging around and as impressive as ever.

Photo taken by Dale Kaczmarek, president of the Ghost Research Society.

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