spook light
Wed, 19 Jul 2000 06:16:01 CDT
"Samantha Benz"

Hello... Well I did not believe in all this crap about the spook light. When
I was a teenager my friends and I would drive from Mt Vernon and wait till
the early morning hours. But I had never seen anything. They all would say
"Hey I just seen it". But myself I had never seen anything.
Well just a few hours ago. July 19th 2000 around 1 am my friends and I went
back there. Now that I am older I thought what the hell. We had been
standing on this road for a while and they all said "Hey I just seen it"
Like before I did not believe. Someother people showed up stood there with
us and did not see anything. Well the other car left. So we still stood
there. My friend kept saying dont you see it? It is changing colors, from
red to blue. I had not seen anything but lighting bugs and some kind of rat
jumped out of the weeds. Just as I thought forget this and was ready to
leave. I heard something. I do not know what it was. But I looked up and
there was this long blue light in the trees. It was about 2 feet long and
looked as though it was a power line on fire. But the power lines where on
the other side of the road. We all jumped in the car and drove off. Scared
to death about what just happened.
I can not say that I have never seen anything no longer. But I can say this
I will not return there. When I was a kid it was cool to go ghost hunting.
But now I dont think so. I believe it is for the teenagers now!

A believer, Samantha Benz

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