Subject: RE: Spooklight
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2002 22:23:40 -0400
From: "Melody, Matthew and Andrew"

It was 1977, I was in school at NEO in Miami and my friend Cindy and I
used to go to the Spooklight every once in a while, when we weren't
working late, and look for the Spooklight. We would take a trip to
Spookies, hang out for awhile then hit the road and wait, and wait.
Usually we would see it off in the distance ahead of us...we would drive
our car closer and closer until we'd pass it but you could never see it
from behind...once you backed up, you could see it again.

On this particular night, probably in November of 1977, we saw the light
up close and personal.
We were sitting in my 1966 VW bug, watching it float around in front of
the car, just fascinated at what we were seeing when all of a sudden,
the light broke into 3 separate balls of light! It went under my car
and came out on the driver's side. The 3 lights seemed to swirl around
and around...they were kind of a yellowish color, then they flew back
under the car and came out on Cindy's side and did the same thing. Then
they flew back under the car, came out to the front of the car, the 3
merged back into one ball of light and it flew at a high rate of speed
down the road. This never happened again although we still continued
sitting on that road every chance we had - we would see it but not up
close like that time.

I've gone back one time since that year, back in 1994 or so but couldn't
locate the right road or something....I'd love to go back and try again.
I can't wait until my kids are old enough for me to tell them what
happened to mommy so long ago :)

Melody in NY